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05-10-2012 continues its growth as Aleva Stores adds McDavid to its inventory.

McDavid’s roots trace back to 1969 when Dr. Robert F. McDavid designed and developed what was to become the first widely used lateral protective knee brace in football.

Now, McDavid is the most widely used and recommended brand of braces among sports medical professionals and the industry leader in sports medical products, technical performance athletic wear and consumer merchandising.

The latest innovation to come out of McDavid is its HexPad Technology, which changes the way athletes wear under clothing by fusing padding to the performance fabrics and defining an entire new category – Protective Apparel.

Their goal remains to develop innovative products and technologies to help prevent injury and to enhance performance of athletes and active people of all ages, which fits in perfectly with what Aleva Stores is trying to do with

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First Time Buyers Guide

So, it's your first time buying compression therapy products? 

This guide has been designed to get newbies like yourself headed in the right direction.

Read the tips below and you'll quickly find yourself an expert!

Tip 1. You need to choose which compression is best suited for you.  Use our
           Compression Guide to determine the appropriate compression.

Tip 2. Still unsure?  You can always use our Shop By Condition tool to help you locate
           products designed to treat your specific condition(s).

Tip 3. Know what compression you need?  Use our Shop By Compression tool to
           narrow down our product offering to those products suited for you.

Tip 4. Why not learn more about the brands we offer?  Visit our manufacturer's page and
           click on a manufacturer to learn more about them and to view the products they
           have to offer.

Tip 5. Each product listing on our site has a details & sizing section found below the 'add
           to cart' button.  Be sure to click on the sizing icon to view the appropriate sizing    
           chart.  With graduated compression stockings (support hose), it is important to
           have an accurate fit.  This improves the efficacy and comfort of the product.

Tip 6. Measure your legs in the morning.  The goal is to prevent swelling.  Many people
           with venous (circulatory) disorders experience increased swelling as the day
           progresses.  Since we are looking to take a preventive step, it is important to take
           your measurements first thing in the morning BEFORE the swelling begins.

Tip 7. When in doubt, ask.  We have certified fitters available for consulation.  They have
            been trained to assist you in selecting an appropriate product.  For further
            assistance including personal product recommendations, please contact us and will
            will gladly offer our insight.

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