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05-10-2012 continues its growth as Aleva Stores adds McDavid to its inventory.

McDavid’s roots trace back to 1969 when Dr. Robert F. McDavid designed and developed what was to become the first widely used lateral protective knee brace in football.

Now, McDavid is the most widely used and recommended brand of braces among sports medical professionals and the industry leader in sports medical products, technical performance athletic wear and consumer merchandising.

The latest innovation to come out of McDavid is its HexPad Technology, which changes the way athletes wear under clothing by fusing padding to the performance fabrics and defining an entire new category – Protective Apparel.

Their goal remains to develop innovative products and technologies to help prevent injury and to enhance performance of athletes and active people of all ages, which fits in perfectly with what Aleva Stores is trying to do with

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Futuro Infinity Precision Fit Knee Support

Walk around the block, or run around the track. You have the support you need with the Futuro® Infinity Precision Fit Knee Support. One size fits all. Sold by each.
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Model #: FUT-01039

List Price: $24.95
Price: $16.60

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Its advanced technology provides compression and support to knees, and helps provide protection against whatever activity you throw at it. And its special moisture-wicking fabric is more breathable so you can move about your day in comfort.

This product's unique wraparound style creates a one size fits all design.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Compression gel pad adjusts for customized patella support, breathable, high-performance antimicrobial-treated materials, low-profile contoured shape

USE FOR: Sprains, strains, arthritis, swelling, tendonitis

  • Patella shield provides extra kneecap support
  • Contoured shape is designed for optimal comfort and support
  • Antimicrobial-treated moisture-wicking material helps control odor and perspiration
  • Flexible comfort straps adjust for a personalized fit
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Provides enhanced breathability compared to neoprene
1. Lay support over knee, smooth side against skin. Place gel pad below patella. While holding support in place, wrap middle strap under kneecap and attach hook fastener to support.
2. Wrap each of the two remaining outside straps under knee and attach them to support. Adjust until fit is firm, yet comfortable
3. Adjust closures of gel pad to achieve desired location and compression

CARE: Close fasteners prior to washing. Hand wash with mild soap in warm (not hot) water. Rinse well and air dry. DO NOT: machine wash, tumble dry, dry clean, or use bleach or fabric softeners.
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